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    Why is a modular home the best option for you? Because the low modular home cost is also achieved by its energy efficiency. Do you know that lumber requires less energy during the construction phase than other materials? Moreover, once the low-cost modular home has been installed, you can also add solar panels and other alternative energy sources to make it more self-sufficient.

    As you can see, if you choose a modular home at a reasonable price, you can save money not only during the construction but also after that.

    Modular Home Pricing and the Cost You Pay for Traditional Building

    Have you ever googled “modular home prices per square foot” or “new modular home prices”? If you have not, we would highly recommend you to do so. And there is the main reason. Modular home pricing will definitely surprise you. Let’s do quick math.

    If you write down your housing cost per month, divide that by your net monthly income and multiply by a hundred, it is going to give you the percentage of your net monthly income that you pay just for housing. The average number will be around 27%. You do not need to be a mathematician to calculate that 27% of your time is 10.8 hours out of a 40-hour workweek. So, it is the price of the housing.

    So, given the cost you pay, we are not suggesting you buy a tent and go live up in the hills. Or stop looking at these giant McMansions and start living in a house which costs like a luxury vehicle.

    From start to finish, the price of your dwelling will be around £40,000 to build. If you compare that to the average price of a house in Great Britain, it will be almost £250,000. So, there is going to be a loan that takes place, a 30-year mortgage. After all, you are going to end up buying a house about three times over this price, around £750,000 for the building in the United Kingdom. It means the difference between just making a down payment and modular home costs is around £10,000.

    Total Cost of Building a Modular Home

    This kind of building is one of the most cost-effective ways to have full ownership over your housing. So, when it comes to modular home prices UK, £30,000-£50,000 will be enough to get the house of your dreams. And if you think about it, £50,000 is about how much you are going to pay for rent in Britain for only a year or two.

    So, what is the cost of a modular home? Well, in the British capital, modular home prices depend on many factors. First of all, it is such obvious things as the total area, the glazing, and the building package which you choose. Deltamodul can offer a variety of options for our customers at a reasonable price. As you see, “how much does a modular home cost?” is the wrong question. The right one is, “How much will I save?”

    Other Features That Affect the Cost of Modular Home

    Modular home plans and prices can vary. For example, you can inexpensively install photovoltaic panels on the roof, enjoy extra power, and reduce the price you pay for electricity. To keep the air fresh and clean, you can use special recuperators (which are not included in the cost of your dwelling). Did you know that our prefab housings have additional insulating layers in the walls and floors? You can choose non-flammable mineral wool insulation or fire one to reduce the cost of heating.

    Deltamodul offers you a wide range of options and affordable modular home costs to live in the house you have always dreamed of.


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