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    Prefab pod house is a unique and flexible dwelling, the next generation of sustainable homes in Great Britain, which are pre-built in factories. But when it comes to small homes, there is a lot to be said and asked. What are they made of? What is the price in the United Kingdom? Why do you need to buy British pod homes? What are the benefits? In this article, you will get the answers to all of the questions.

    Solid Structure of POD Homes

    The external walls of the pod homes UK have sound insulation of 49 dB and a wall thickness of 290 mm. They have ideal thermal insulation as well, which allows you to feel comfortable at home. We also offer you two other types of wooden interior walls to choose from. The first one stands out of its increased quality of sound insulation. The wall of such type is additionally covered with Superfinish ECO panels. The second type also offers you great sound insulation, but this wall is covered with double plates of diamond KNAUF.

    The width of the frame for an ordinary wall is 100 mm. Moreover, all the floor and wall elements are made according to European standards.

    You might ask what about pod house prices in Britain? Well, the pod house cost in the United Kingdom really depends on the size of the construction, interior, and materials. If you want to buy a pod house with Deltamodul, we will calculate the exact cost for you in just an hour.

    Multifunctional Dwelling

    The best part of buying such a small, but portable British dwelling is its multifunctionality. It is like a customizable device. Have you ever dreamt of your personal art space, backyard office, tiny home in your garden, or fully-equipped restroom? Turn that dream into a reality. Just describe the desired design, and we will take care of it. So, when you buy the eco pod houses UK, you get what you really need at an affordable price.

    We can prove to you that our pod houses can be as beautiful and cozy as the best traditionally built homes.

    How Do We Install Pod Homes?

    Before the housing modules are delivered to the destination, we will prepare the foundation, access road, construction site, equipment, and tools for installation. Depending on the complexity and the size of the structure, the installation takes from two to seven days. A company representative will always be at the construction site to check and control the preparatory work, and the installation process itself. Rely on us and be sure that if you buy pod homes with Deltamodul, you also buy our care and supervision.

    All the main parts of the housing, such as structural frame, walls, and floor, are assembled in a factory, which means your home will be built faster and cheaper than a traditional dwelling. After that, we will transport all the modular units right to the construction site. As you see, the whole construction process of the prefab house is quicker. No weather delays or other excuses.

    Also, if your life changes and the pod house will become too large or too small, you can easily change the settings as well, add or remove the extra modules.

    Why do they say the less is more? Buy the pod home with Deltamodul, and you will understand the meaning of this phrase.


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