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    According to the statistics, the market share of purchasing modular homes in Britain and Germany is close to 30%. People all over Europe start to attach great importance to eco-friendly and energy-efficient buildings. Why would you buy new modular home and contribute to a healthy lifestyle of yours? After reading this article, you will know the precise answer.

    DELTAMODUL is an exclusive factory-made and energy-efficient modular house that makes your space high-functioning. We combine innovative production technologies of prefabricated structures with the quality of the old traditional craft. Our company exports more than 80% of the products in the markets of Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, etc. Our modules are produced in a modern high-tech certified factory using quality materials that will provide you with high-class comfort throughout the entire life. There are several reasons to buy modular home, and our company is definitely your best bet.

    Why Do You Have to Buy Modular Home?

    It is no secret that prefabricated buildings are cost-effective in the long run. They are relatively cheap to purchase and inexpensive to maintain. Basically, you pay less to get more. Save the money and protect the environment! Maybe it is time to stop paying rent and buy modular home in UK?

    Deltamodul designs and builds houses that provide maximum comfort at the lowest price. It is a proven fact that prefabricated houses are much cheaper to build. You do not need to pay builders or spend time and nerves monitoring their work constantly. You will get your dwelling within a few months after the purchase. What else?

    When you buy a modular home, you save thousands of pounds on electricity, heating, and the maintenance of the dwelling. It is an energy-efficient building. We work with thermally insulated wooden constructions that contain only natural materials. As you know, the wood retains the heat, so you will be pleasantly surprised when you receive the monthly bills.

    Last but not least, homes from Deltamodul are customizable. You do not need to spend tons of money on renovating your home, you can just buy one more module. These modules can be combined and create a space that will be enough to live your life to the full. Whether you are British, Danish or Swedish, if you value individual approach, buy modular home in the United Kingdom with Deltamodul.

    Want to Buy Modular Home? Consider All the Details

    Deltamodul strives to fulfill all the individual wishes of our clients regarding the purchase of a modern house. We value customer satisfaction the most, so our company offers a wide range of services, from design to logistics, to make the construction process easy. Why wait? In contrast to a brick building, DELTAMODUL houses are made in the minimum time, so all construction activities on your land will be minimized.

    We do not want to hide anything from you – there are many factors that affect the price of a building. So, if you have decided to buy modular house, consider all the details such as:

    1. Design type;
      2. Foundation (such constructions are usually quite light, so you can buy a foundation for a relatively low price);
      3. Total area;
      4. Architectural complexity;
      5. The complexity of the construction services system;
      6. Number and type of glazing;
      7. Types of facade decorations;
      8. Roof material, etc.

    We guarantee: when you buy new modular home, you get fast performance without sacrificing quality.


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