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Passive Houses to Save Your Money and Space

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    A passive house is a building standard that is used to design and build homes to be more energy- and cost-efficient than any conventional construction. But what is the difference? Is there at least one valid reason to choose British passive house over a regular one? First of all, you get an extremely healthy building. You can’t put it into monetary value, but it can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health.

    Energy- and Cost-efficiency of Passive House UK

    Is passive house UK cost really as tempting as the price of a T-Shirt on sale? Yes. And this is directly related to the technology of saving energy. With DeltaModul, you can reduce the energy consumption for heating demand by up to 90%.

    A passive home is a highly insulated building envelope. DeltaModul achieves that feature by adding extra insulation in the walls, creating a sealed layer around the building, and preventing heat from escaping. When it comes to the walls, architects from Great Britain use five layers that are extremely important in any wall assembly – the water-shedding layer, wood fiberboard (water-resistant area), air barrier, and service cavity.

    Heat Recovery Ventilation

    In the passive house, we use a heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system. HRV unit has very low energy consumptions to run the fans, and it has to possess a 75% heat recovery ventilation rate as a minimum. The way these HRV units work is to have a cross-flow heat exchanger.

    The ventilation unit with heat recovery is placed in the attic. The unit is connected to two air collectors: one for fresh, cool outside air, and another for warm, dirty indoor air. In the ventilation unit, the two air streams cross but never mix. Because of the proximity of the air flows, the cold air becomes warmer, and the warm is cooled down. The power of the ventilation system is in the correct amount of air that arrives at the right place. By the way, the average electricity bill of the owner of the passive home in the United Kingdom is around £645 per year.

    Myths about Passive House UK

    There are two myths we want to break down. A lot of people think that if you build an airtight house, you are going to live in a plastic bag. But you do not need to worry about it, passive house builders UK are creating breathable wall assembly for you. You might think you can’t open the windows.  It is another myth. Plus, during the heating period in Britain, the heat recovery ventilation system will take care of your comfort.

    The Variety of Useful Functions

    There are so many other reasons to choose the passive house over the standard building. Passive house builders UK are always open to new and creative architectural solutions. We are taking into account the different lifestyles of our future residents. Therefore, passive house architects UK offer you a wide range of constructions that are suitable for different families. When designing your future dwelling, we rationally use every square meter of the area. Moreover, we offer you to create an individual house with a design you have always dreamt of.

    The affordable and high-quality passive home provides you with weather-stripped doors, eliminates thermal bridges, which create a pathway for energy to travel the envelope from the inside to the outside, and guarantees comfortable life for you and your family.


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