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Cheap Modular Home in UK

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    Deltamodul is revolutionizing the concept of housing solutions by providing clients with the house that can grow, change, and move. This house offers comfort for you while showing tender-loving care to mother nature. The wood used to create your dwelling is eco-friendly, and the construction itself has absolutely no impact on the environment. So, what makes a modular home cheap? Relatively small size is not the only reason.

    You can acquire an affordable modular home in Great Britain and save money since you do not have to waste a lot of cash on resources to turn the material into a living space. Your cheap modular home can be assembled in just a few short hours by a handful of people. You do not need an entire construction team to build your house. Moreover, it is an energy-efficient building. Cheap modular homes are made of wood that is a lightweight but extremely strong material. 2.5 cm thick wood corresponds to an 11.4 cm thick brick wall in terms of insulation properties. So, you always have a pleasant microclimate at your dwelling.

    Still have doubts? Here are several reasons why the purchase of a cheap modular home in UK is a smart decision.

    Cheap Modular Home: What You Need to Know

    The first advantage of a house from Deltamodul (apart from cheap price) is eco-friendliness. For example, instead of a direct electric heater, you can install the heat pumps as an alternative. It will make your house warm and comfortable even in the harsh winter. They can also be used as air conditioning. Moreover, you can cheaply install solar panels and other alternative energy sources on the roof to make the building self-sufficient.

    On the surface, a cheap modular home is the same building you would get from traditional construction. In fact, many of the materials and techniques used are exactly the same. The significant difference, however, is a modular housing is built inside of a climate-controlled factory. No more rain or wind damage. And no more sharing your new housing with those pesky squirrels who do not pay rent. An extra benefit of having your cheap modular home built inside is the fact that all of the raw materials are also protected from the elements.

    Once your house is completed, it is loaded onto a special trailer and delivered out to your already prepared property. As each section arrives, it is carefully lifted off the trailer and set precisely in the location needed. Once all the pieces are assembled… like magic, your house is built.

    If you are a fan of modern architecture, vibrant colors, and accents, we highly recommend you to think about the cheap modular house. Do you want to have a clawfoot bathtub, countertop, stained-glass window, spiral staircase, or cozy wood stove that heats the house? Let us know your ideas, and we will design the house of your dreams. Deltamodul knows the importance of every detail, which makes you so comfortable.

    Save Money with Cheap Modular Home

    Modular construction in the United Kingdom is more cost-effective and can be up to 50% faster to complete than traditional building. When you compare traditional British construction against prefabricated one, you will see a tremendous cost savings (from 20 to 25 %). With you moving into your cheap home in 3 to 6 months, you will save on the construction loan and be able to lock in that low-rate mortgage before interest rates increase.

    Maintained correctly, cheap modular homes have the potential to last for over 100 years. Your modular buildings can also be relocated, making them an even better long-term investment than traditional buildings in Britain.

    So, why wait if you can move in right now?


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