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    GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

    1. Confidentiality Overview

    General Information

    Notifications below provide you with the simple review of things that happen to your private data when you attend our website. Private (personal) data means any data identifying your personality. You can find detailed information about data protection in the company’s Privacy Policy document published on the appropriate website page.

    Website Data Collection

    Who Collects the Data on this Site?

    The operator of the site performs this website’s data processing. See the “Contact Us” page to find the appropriate contact info.

    How Do We Gather Your Info?

    First, we collect the data you provide us with: for instance, the personal information you give in the contact form:

    • Phone Number,
    • Email Address,
    • First and Last Name,
    • Physical address (after you order our services).

    Other information is gathered automatically when you enter the website while using our IT-systems. First of all, it is technical data (for example, the information about your Internet browser, operating system or time you visit the webpage). This info is received automatically as only you enter our site.

    What is Your Data Used for?

    Partially, the information is gathered to provide you with the best website service and comfort. Other info can serve for the user’s behavior analysis.

    What are Your Rights about Your Info?

    You can request free info about the origin, the addresser and the goal of your personal data stored in our system at any time. Additionally, your right is to ask us to delete, correct or block this information. To do that, and to get answers on further data protection questions, you can get in touch with us at a moment of time suitable for you using the physical or email address indicated in the contact information. You also have the right to appeal to the regulative institutions and authorities competent in the appropriate issues.

    Analysis Instruments and Third-Party Instruments

    When you visit our site, your Internet surfing behavior can be estimated statistically. First of all, we do that by using cookie files and analytical software. User behavior analysis is anonymous as a rule, which means we can’t receive information on your personality or any other private data without your permission while tracking the user’s behavior. You can reject this procedure or avoid it by refusing to use certain instruments. We will notify you about possible rejections below in the displayed Privacy Policy document.

    2. General and Obligatory Information

    Privacy Policy

    The operator of this website treats the matter of your personal data protection very seriously. We process your personal data confidentially and in total agreement with personal data protection regulations and this privacy policy.

    If you use this website, various types of personal data will be collected. Personal data is any information that allows identifying your personality. This Privacy policy explains which information we collect and what we use it for. It also explains how and with which purpose it happens.

    Please keep in mind that transmitting data through the Internet (for instance when communicating through emails) may have security vulnerabilities. It is impossible to provide the user’s personal information with the absolute protection from third-party access.

    The responsible person is a legal or natural person making decisions on data (for example, emails, names, etc.) processing alone or in cooperation with other persons.

    Cancelling of Your Personal Data Processing Permission

    Many operations on personal data processing are possible and legal only after your permission. You can cancel the given permission any time. The unofficial email message is enough for us. Personal data processing is made until the permission isn’t cancelled.

    Right to Appeal to Competent Regulative Institutions

    In case the data protection law is broken, an interested person has the right to appeal to competent regulative institutions. The competent regulative institution on data protection is the state official on data protection of the country our company is located in. The list of data protection officials and their contact info is available by this link:


    TLS or SSL Encryption

    This website uses TLS or SSL encryption to secure and protect transmission of confidential data like orders or requests you send us as website operators.

    The secured connection is marked by the changed web address in browser from “http: //” to “https: //” and the locker icon visible on the browser panel.

    If TLS or SSL encryption is on, third parties can’t read the data you send.

    Information Blocking and Deleting

    Within the enforcing legislative framework you have the right to see any information about your stored personal data, its origin and addresser, and about the goal of data processing on demand at any time, and the right to correct, block or delete this data if needed. To get additional information about your personal data, please, contact us at any moment using the address noted in the contact data.

    Countering the Email Advertisement

    The use of the data published in the context of this document to send unwanted advertising and informational materials is forbidden. Website operators directly have the right to commit legal actions in case if the unwanted advertising information (for instance, email spam messages) had been sent.

    3. Data Collection on This Site

    Cookie Files

    Cookie files are used on our webpages. Cookie files do not cause a threat to your computer and do not contain malware programs (viruses). We use cookie files to help our services be more comfortable, effective and safe. Cookies are text files downloaded to your device and saved there, and used in your browsing application.

    Most parts of cookie files we use on this website are «session cookie files». They will automatically be deleted after you finish your session on our site. Other cookie files are saved on the computer until you remove them yourself. These cookie files let our system identify your browsing app when you enter the website again.

    You surely can change your browser settings to receive notification about cookie files all the time or in particular cases, deny cookie downloading and delete cookie files automatically after the browser is closed. Be advised, that turning cookies off may harm the functional possibilities of this site for users.

    Cookie files required to realize the electronic connection process or to realize some functions demanded by the user (for instance, the purchase cart function) are processed according to GDPR demands. The operator of this site is interested in storing the cookie files to provide users with technically correct and optimized services. Other cookie files you can save (for instance, cookies letting us receive your Internet behavior analysis) will be mentioned in another point of this document.

    Server Log Files

    The site provider collects and saves the certain data in the log files for the server your browser sends us automatically. This data is:

    • Version and type of your browser;
    • An operational system used;
    • Referrer’s URL;
    • Hostname of the connected device;
    • Time of server request;
    • Your IP address.

    This information is not united with other data sources in any case.

    The website operator is interested in the technically flawless and smooth presentation and optimization of this site. To do this, server log files have to be recorded and stored.


    If you give us requests using the appropriate lines of the contact window form, your data including the contact data provided in the proper way will be stored on our server to process the request and for solving questions appearing in future. We won’t send this information to anyone without having your admission.

    Data provided through the contact form is processed only basing on your permission. You can cancel this permission at any moment of time. A non-formal email message is enough in this case. The legitimacy of operations occurred before the moment we receive the canceling message does not depend on the canceling message itself.

    The info you send us through the appropriate contact form is stored on our servers until you ask us to delete it, cancel your permission to store it or to delete the data storage goal (for instance, after your request is processed).

    4. Social Media

    Plugins from Facebook (“Share” and “Like” buttons)

    On our site, we integrated Facebook social media plugins, provided by Facebook Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025, USA. You can identify Facebook plugins by finding the Facebook logo or the “Like” icon (“I like”) on this website. Check the review of Facebook plugins by this link.

    When the user enters our website pages, the plugin connects the user’s browsing software app and the server of the Facebook Company directly. Facebook gets the information about you visiting our site using the IP-address assigned to your device. In case you press the Facebook “Like” icon when logged in to your Facebook profile, you can connect our website contents with your Facebook account. Consequently, Facebook may know about your visits to our pages. We state that as this website provider we do not know the contents of the data transmitted and the way Facebook uses it. To get additional information, please check the Privacy Policy of Facebook on the appropriate page of the website.

    If you don’t want Facebook to connect your visits to our pages and your personal Facebook profile, log out of the private Facebook account before using our site.

    5. Analysis and Advertising Instruments

    Google Analytics

    This site uses web-analytics services of Google Analytics, presented by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

    Google Analytics can use “cookie-files”. They are special small files with text info saved on your electronic device. They allow analyzing how you tend to use the site. The data about you using this site gained through the use of cookie files is usually sent to Google servers in the United States of America and saved on their hardware.

    Google Analytics cookie files are stored based on GDPR. The site operator is rightfully interested in user behavior analysis to optimize the website and the methods of advertising.


    We activated IP anonymity function on this site. This will cause the user’s IP-address shortage by Google in states that are members of the EU or represent other sides of the Agreement on the European Economic Area before the address is sent to the US. The complete IP-address will be sent to servers of Google and get shortened there only in exclusive cases. The gathered data will be used by Google to estimate your website usage, to create reports about the website’s activity and to give the site operator other services connected with the functioning of the website and the Internet usage on behalf of this site’s operator. Your IP-address sent by Google Analytics as a part of services named Google Analytics won’t be added to other Google information.

    Browser Plugin

    It is an option for you to forbid storing cookie files with the help of appropriate options of your browsing software; nevertheless, be advised that you won’t be able to use the entire bunch of functions this website is able to provide in case you forbid using cookie files. Additionally, you can restrict collecting the data created by cookie files and connected to your website usage (IP-address included) and restrict processing of this info by the Google Company. To do that, download the appropriate browser extension module and install it.

    Data Collecting Restriction

    You can stop Google Analytics from collecting your data. Check the Google Privacy policy to know more about Google data processing in Google Analytics services here.

    Order Processing

    We made an agreement with Google about processing order data and completely keep up to the strict demands of UK officials about Google Analytics data protection.

    Google Analytics Demographics and Interests

    This website may use the Demographics function of Google Analytics. There can be created reports that contain the data about gender, age, and interests of the site’s visitors and regular users. This information is taken in advertising purposes basing on Google Interests and other data about users. This data can’t be prescribed to a particular person. You can turn off this function whenever you need with the help of advertising options and settings available in your personal Google profile or forbid data collecting at all.

    6. Plug-Ins and Other Instruments


    Our site uses YouTube plug-ins based on Google pages. The YouTube website operator is YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San-Bruno, California 94066, USA.

    If you attend any page supporting YouTube plug-ins on our website, you will be automatically connected to YouTube servers. YouTube plug-ins notify YouTube servers about pages of our website that you visited.

    If you logged in to your profile on YouTube, YouTube will allow you to directly connect your user behavior on our website with your private YouTube profile. To prevent it, log out from the personal YouTube account before using our website.

    We use YouTube to provide users with an interesting presentation of our services.

    Additional information about processing the data is available in YouTube Privacy policy documents:

    Google Web Fonts

    This website uses web fonts provided by Google to unify font presentation. When you enter the website page, your browser downloads the necessary web fonts to display texts and fonts correctly.

    To do that, the browser you use needs to connect to Google services. As a result, Google will know that there was a connection to our website with the use of your IP address. Web fonts’ usage correlates with our interest in attractive and consequent presentations of our online services.

    If your browser does not support web fonts, your computer will use the default font instead.

    You can find the additional info on Google web fonts at:

    And in Google Privacy policy documents:


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