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    Nowadays, it is costly to buy a housing for a family. Maintenance and utility bills are another part of the burden. That is why people in Great Britain tend to find a solution by giving preference to a mini house.

    Large family mansions are rather luxury attributes that are not rational and cost-effective. A multifunctional house is equally modern and comfortable but requires much fewer funds to build and maintain it. In our times, it is a perfect choice for you.

    Modern mini homes belong to a trendy architecture style. It is minimalism with multifunctional rooms and space. In the contemporary house, every element has its place. There are many possible building solutions, so projects of modular mini homes can impress with their variety.

    With, you can build the mini house UK as you want. It will be the best of mini homes UK because it will be yours.

    Build Your Mini House

    Nowadays, the easiest way to build new mini homes is to find a ready-made project. has a set of them for you to choose from. The previously developed model allows saving funds on the process of its creation. Complete projects let you get comfortable dwelling for your family quickly.

    To choose the best of available homes according to your wish and budget, contact specialists. Our consultants will offer you the most suitable building project correlating with all the needs and preferences you have about your future home.


    When cooperating with Deltamodul, every client from the United Kingdom gets exactly what he or she needs because our experts:

    • Revise the land plot where you plan to build your housing;
    • Keep up with the preferences you and your family have;
    • Choose the most suitable project perfectly fitting the landscape;
    • Tell you the exact cost at once. With us, you don’t overpay;
    • Complete the process start-to-finish.

    Of course, you can customize the house project before the construction. Change the scheme, add some elements, and choose materials you want to use in a house of your dream.

    Working with Deltamodul in Britain means:

    • Building a house with all necessary communications to live there permanently.
    • Customizing the project, placing rooms as you want to create comfort.
    • Saving significant funds on building.
    • Smooth and almost effortless maintenance.

    The mini house is an excellent choice for both retired people and young British families. It is the best option to build a countryside home. Mini eco homes from are easy to construct, extra-durable, exclusively eco-friendly, and very comfortable. Deltamodul experts can equip your house with all the necessary home systems and communications.

    Depending on the size of the house, they can fit small and large families. Additionally, clients can make changes in modular mini homes even after the construction is over. Their features allow replacing elements on the go, without harming your comfort.

    Deltamodul Mini House Is Efficient and Ecological

    In eco mini homes by Deltamodul, we can install photoelectric generators (aka solar panels). It is a cost-effective type of energy production. Also, it is safe for the environment.

    Our suppliers widely use wooden materials to construct your mini homes. Wood has natural qualities turning your house into an optimal living place. Wooden panels mean effective insulation. It lets you pay less for air conditioning in summer and heating in winter.

    When choosing a mini house, you get an individually planned, customized, and self-efficient place to live. Deltamodul offers perfect quality and natural building materials. They won’t harm your health. They don’t pollute the environment. They only bring you comfort.

    Build the mini house of your dream together with


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