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    To promote a healthy, outdoor mentality for inhabitants of the United Kingdom, local government popularizes the farmers’ markets, improves cycle infrastructure, and uses renewable resources. Deltamodul, a supplier of eco friendly houses in Great Britain, supports the initiative to make our world a better place. That is why we have developed eco prefab homes for you.

    A modular green home is built in accordance with international and local housing standards. It means that each modular construction is built for the local climate and safety standards required for each area. However, this is not the only advantage of these constructions.

    The Future Is Now: Small Eco Homes

    Britain has gone through a series of decades where the cost of the housing has outpaced the incomes of British citizens to such a degree that the country had this growing homeless population. Eco homes UK are a response to these increasing environmental and economic factors. We are talking about the right use of materials and minimizing waste. When you buy eco house, you will get not only eco-friendly building for the environment but also a comfortable, energy and cost-efficient housing for yourself.

    For example, eco modular homes have a thermal loss of 0.11 kW / m² / K, which meets all applicable European standards. The sound insulation index in your modular dwelling is more than 50 dB. The thermal conductivity is U ≤ 0.15 Wm2 / K.

    You may not believe it, but lumber is much safer than steel or concrete. Our wood is processed in a special drying chamber so that it loses its inefficient porous structure and becomes much more durable material for building eco houses UK. The stock beams are insulated and covered with waterproofing membranes and steam barriers, Isospan and Delta. No moisture and no allergy in your eco modular home.

    What else do we guarantee? Fast performance without sacrificing quality. Our eco friendly modular home is based on a highly thermally insulated wooden construction that contains only natural materials. Also, prefab eco house is built on a foundation, and, therefore, it is as stable as the traditional houses. So, forget about all the stereotypes and try a new lifestyle based on the environmentally friendly modular house and advanced technologies.

    Affordable Price of Eco Modular Homes

    Our goal is to design multi-purpose solutions that work as a fluid system, and that is when the real efficiency is achieved. If you buy small eco homes, you do not just get a container without “soul”. We care about the architecture of your modular dwelling, so it looks beautiful and modern, even if you do not pay extra for decorations.

    One of the greatest advantages of eco houses from Deltamodul is a fixed price. Since your housing is fully built in the factory, you do not need to wait a year or more to get the cherished dwelling. Moreover, the total construction time of the modular structure is around 30-60 days, which is much faster than you can imagine.

    Other Benefits of Modular Housing

    With less financial burden, with less space to clean, with less stuff to maintain, your life becomes available. Our modular homes are easily moved and customized. So, if there are some changes in your life, you can always “take” your dwelling with you. There is no need to leave it and buy a new house.

    The other reason to buy a modular home is a multi-functionality. You can use it not only as a dwelling unit. For example, in Great Britain, it is popular to build a small space for gardening. If you want to have a cozy modular home for sit-downs with your friends on the terrace, it is a great option. This building can also be used as a garage or as a special building block.

    Choose Deltamodul, and enjoy your life to the fullest!


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