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Thermal Insulation in Houses from Deltamodul

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    Deltamodul is a revolutionary supplier of energy-efficient houses with a high-quality thermal insulation system. In this article, you will find out what kind of insulation options we offer and which features each of them has.

    We use non-flammable mineral wool or fireproof fiberboard for thermal and sound insulation. Non-combustible mineral wool can be made from stone. It is used in all structural elements and consists of interwoven fibers. Such a structure offers excellent thermal and sound insulation.

    What Kind of Thermal Insulation Is Available for Exterior Walls?

    There are three types of insulation for external walls: ISOVER products, PAROC basalt wool, and Steico thermal insulation materials. All these insulations provide effective protection against cold, overheating, and noise, they increase the comfort and energy efficiency of the house and reduce the cost of operation.

    ISOVER rock wool is made of volcanic rock. It is a natural material that occurs in large quantities all over the world. It combines mechanical resistance with excellent thermal performance, fire protection, and high-temperature suitability.

    In the elements of the outer wall construction, you can also use PAROC basalt insulation. Basalt is also a common volcanic rock, which is known for its thermal properties, strength, safety, and durability.

    Steico thermal insulation materials are produced by deep wood processing. Lumber is the only natural building material that is 100% ecological and renewable at the same time. Thanks to the high porosity, the Steico panels offer effective insulation of the houses. In terms of thermal insulation properties, the width of 20 mm is comparable to brickwork with a width of 150 mm and a jaw beam of 70 mm.

    Thermal Insulation for Interior Walls

    The above-mentioned thermal insulation systems, PAROC and Steico, can be used for the interior walls as well. However, there are two other types of insulation that work only for interior walls – NEOPOR and Knauf ECOSE technology.

    NEOPOR offers the best quality when building new houses or renovating existing buildings. The plates do not break off due to their age. Moreover, they do not rot or lose their shape, showing amazing resilience. NEOPOR panels are manufactured by following European standards DIN EN 13163. They have a fire-resistance class that corresponds to the E-Class E DIN EN according to 13501-1 and B1 to DIN 4102.

    Above all, Knauf Insulation produces natural materials using modern technologies. In the process of production, implementation of innovative technology ECOSE allows getting rid of phenol and formaldehyde additives. All insulation materials were subjected to a toxicological and radiological examination.

    With us, you can design and build the house of a new kind. The one that does not have a negative impact on the environment and saves you money.

    Can I Use Thermal Insulation for the Roof and Floor?

    Certainly. You can use the ECOSE insulation for both roof and floor. This insulation system is used for external walls, floors, and the facade. Hopefully, now you are convinced that modular home from Deltamodul is the smartest decision you could ever make.


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