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Why Is Wood the Best Choice for Your House?

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    Energy Efficiency

    Everyone knows that wooden houses are ecological. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that such a dwelling does not require air conditioning because of the natural ventilation process. Wood is natural insulation. 2.5 cm of the wooden panel corresponds to the insulating properties of the brick wall of 11.4 cm.

    It means a considerable energy saving in comparison to stone, concrete, and brick houses. In addition, wood is not only a good thermal but also excellent sound insulation. So, you will always feel comfortable and relaxed at home.



    For you to know, wood is stronger than steel or concrete. It’s also lighter than other materials. Thanks to this balance between strength and weight, lumber is a perfect construction material.

    The tensile and compressive strengths of wood are also quite impressive. Just look at the parameters of the wood thickness, and there will be no doubts that it is an ideal material for construction.



    Dwellings that are too dry can cause inflammation of the eyes, chapped lips, and dry mucous membranes. The skin becomes scaly and itchy, and the risk of colds, flu, and other infections increases significantly.

    But damp houses are also no solution. They are a perfect habitat for mold and mildew. Besides, moisture can affect the structural integrity of the home.

    We keep the moisture content of wood at not more than 12%. To avoid both construction-related and health problems, wood naturally absorbs moist air and keeps the microclimate of the house at an appropriate level.


    Environmental Friendliness

    Wood is a renewable material. As long as the trees are replanted at the same rate after deforestation, wood will remain as an environmentally friendly building resource. Also, it is much easier to recycle compared to other materials.

    Wooden houses have dozens of other advantages. For example, they have a unique ability to store carbon. Also, wood produces a lot of oxygen. In this way, you always have clean and fresh air in your house.

    Even if you do not care about climate change, the health benefits of such an environmentally friendly house are enormous. Living in a wooden house means being outdoor 24/7. Wood can lower blood pressure and heart rate, reduce stress and anxiety. It can also improve social interactions and make a person feel more comfortable and relaxed.

    Our Wood Is Professionally Processed

    The wood treatment is something we take care of. For example, we use Sikkens Wood Coatings that contain only natural elements. The construction beams are always properly polished, dried, and insulated. So, you can be sure that you get the best product on the market.

    Not only is wood the most eco-friendly, durable, and healthiest material for your home, but it also looks great. Wood is extremely light. It allows you to be creative while designing your home. If you choose one of our modular houses, you can always change the room layout and easily enlarge your dwelling.



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