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Our Modular Houses Are the Safest Ones

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    Our Modular Houses Are Natural

    To feel healthy, you have to live in a house with a pleasant microclimate. And that is what Deltamodul can guarantee. We build modular homes only out of wood, which is not only environmentally friendly but also a renewable and energy-efficient material.

    We use Sikkens Wood Coatings to protect our wood from external influences. It makes a wooden house not only good looking but also durable and safe. Besides, you can choose any color for your home to express your individuality.

    Our company builds modular houses only of environmentally friendly, safe, and organic materials. For example, our construction panels are not only reliable, but they are also moisture and fire-resistant, as well as heat and soundproof. Deltamodul offers OSB3 E1 and Knauf boards that are the best in the hardware store. They meet all modern safety requirements. So, they have a minimum amount of formaldehyde of only 0.03 ppm, which is crucial for your health.


    Our Modular Homes Are Fire Resistant

    Wood is not only an ecological material but is also surprisingly fireproof. Although it is a combustible material, it does not conduct heat as quickly as steel. When wood burns, the process of charring occurs. Thus, the outer and middle layers of a wooden structure are charred, thereby preventing the effect of oxygen in the inner layer.

    It’s much easier to predict how the fire will go on with a wooden house than any other house. So, it’s easier to find a shelter and protect yourself from it. When a wooden house burns, the carrying capacity of a home does not change. Also, our buildings have refractory construction panels on both sides to prevent the fire from reaching the wooden part of the house.

    Although wood is considered flammable, in case of fire, it is much safer than any other material.


    Our Houses Are Technologically Advanced

    Our modular houses are absolutely safe since they are technologically advanced. Take a look at our windows, for example.

    We offer three types of windows: REHAU Euro-Design 70, REHAU SYNEGO, and REHAU GENEO. They all have amazing technological properties that make them ecological and safe. For example, all our windows have burglary resistance up to RC3. This will make you feel safer as your property is not stolen.

    Besides, our windows have fantastic insulation properties due to their multi-chamber structure. The lowest number of chambers has a Euro-Design 70 window profile, and this is a fantastic indicator. It protects you from drafts and dangerous weather conditions.

    So, regardless of your design preferences, we will build a modular home that looks both safe and aesthetically pleasing. That way, you can be sure that you do not have to worry about any kind of emergency.


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