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General Information About Our Production

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    Our company develops environmentally friendly and energy-efficient constructions based on German technology called “Rahmenpaneel.” Also, we deal with the reconstruction and renovation of objects for various purposes.

    You can count on us! If you need a private home, a commercial or administrative building, we will gladly help. High client satisfaction and customer loyalty prove that Deltamodul is the leading company in the market.

    Why Are Our Houses the Smartest Move?

    Factories all over Europe are something we can boast about. For more than seven years, Deltamodul has been building dwellings in more than 50 European countries. Therefore, we have gained a lot of experience in the design and construction of frame panels such as modular houses, tiny houses, micro houses, etc.

    Deltamodul is working with various research institutes and business partners, striving to promote the development of prefabricated constructions. Our houses have a modern design and optimum technical features that allow you to adapt to different landscapes, climatic, and individual needs.

    Deltamodul homes are high-precision, fire-resistant, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. Modular houses are a perfect solution for those who care about a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, when you buy our house, you save not only mother nature, but also several thousand dollars.

    High-Quality Modular Homes

    If you have decided to build a house, it is definitely worth working with a professional and reliable company. Deltamodul guarantees that your home will serve you for years to come.

    When we build your future dwelling, only certified materials of the highest quality are used. These materials are not only natural but also safe and fire-resistant. Also, we offer a wide range of energy-efficient options for your home, such as solar panels. An energy-efficient house is the building of the future. That’s why we’re always happy to offer our customers energy-saving options.

    Energy efficiency is ensured by established quality standards of the European Community of prefabricated houses, which consists of 145 members. They are the leading manufacturers of prefabricated wooden houses. These companies adhere to strict technical standards when building their constructions.

    Innovative Houses

    Our goal is to make prefabricated homes as innovative and modern as possible. When building modular houses, we combine traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies. Our construction industry uses traditional methods and automation. However, we also carry out regular updates to improve all the building processes.

    First and foremost, Deltamodul uses wood, which is not only one of the oldest natural materials in residential construction but also, thanks to its stability and longevity, has the greatest potential for the future. Prefabricated wooden houses are composed of modules and characterized by maximum energy efficiency, strength, and modern architecture. Precision in factory production is a crucial prerequisite for achieving high-quality standards.

    Modular houses use technical innovations such as ventilation with heat recovery. So, stop ruining your health and start saving! In addition, the «smart house» system is used. To bring comfort into your dwelling, the house network can be controlled via systems such as heating, ventilation, lighting, etc.

    What Is Our Goal?

    Our company has been working towards the popularization and realization of modern European technology of prefabricated houses around the world. We strive to maintain the trust of our customers through high-quality services and economic efficiency.

    Our homes are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient dwellings that provide you with comfort in a variety of ways.


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